Jaipur Vibes

Jaipur Vibes
K&I's latest collection, "Jaipur Vibes," captures the essence of Jaipur's royal heritage and vibrant culture, merging it seamlessly with our contemporary dresses and bikinis. Inspired by the Pink City's majestic palaces, bustling bazaars, and colorful festivals, each piece in the collection is a tribute to the traditional yet modern spirit of Jaipur. Join us on a sartorial journey that marries the old with the new, and brings a piece of Jaipur's enchanting beauty into your wardrobe.
Dress Luxor Chains
A K&I masterpiece designed for the woman who shines like the starlit skies of Jaipur. This dress is meticulously hand-embellished with thousands of shimmering sequins, each reflecting the city's rich heritage in a modern silhouette. With its figure-hugging design and delicate spaghetti straps, the dress offers both support and style, perfect for a night of celebration or a chic cocktail event.
Glow Dress Plumes
A dazzling homage to the intricate artistry found in the grand palaces of Jaipur. Adorned with a symphony of gold-toned sequins arranged in a geometric mosaic pattern, it is offset by playful fringes that dance with your every move. Strapless and sultry, this piece captures the vibrant spirit of the city's historic architecture and festivities.
Las Vegas Green Dress

Its deep emerald sequins laid out in an intricate pattern mirror the city's verdant oases, while the cut-out details at the waist offer a glimpse of allure amidst the splendor. This dress, with its body-contouring fit, celebrates the fusion of Jaipur's royal past with the pulse of its contemporary beat.

Luxor Gold Set

K&I's two-piece ensemble, featuring a crop top and skirt that blend traditional luxury with contemporary flair. The top, with its panel of beadwork and sequins, pairs seamlessly with the high-waisted skirt, boasting complementary patterns that sparkle with stories of Jaipur's folklore. This set is a testament to the craftsmanship and vivacity of the local artisans, designed for the modern woman who carries a love for culture in her heart.

Long Dress Paisley

A celebration of Jaipur depicted in a palette of teal and gold. This gown boasts an opulent spread of sequins and beads, crafting a peacock feather motif that is both majestic and elegant. With a thigh-high slit adding a touch of daring, it's a perfect blend of tradition and bold modernity, ideal for making a grand entrance.

Bandeau Crystal White Set

This two-piece set pairs a sequined bandeau with a high-waisted lace pencil skirt, creating a harmonious contrast in textures and a celebration of craftsmanship. It’s a versatile ensemble that can transition effortlessly from a daytime affair to an enchanting evening soirée.

Vivian Set

A nod to the starry nights over the Thar Desert. The ensemble features a fringed bandeau top and sequined shorts, both adorned with black and gold stripes that glimmer under the moonlight. This set speaks to a free spirit ready to explore the night's endless possibilities, encapsulating the city's vibrant nocturnal essence.

Wild Zebra Dress

Capturing the wild spirit of the Jaipur jungles, this bodycon dress, adorned with a zebra-inspired sequin pattern, marries the untamed with the glamorous. Its snug fit and sparkling sequins command attention, ensuring the wearer feels as fierce and graceful as the wildlife that roams the lands near the Pink City.

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