The Moroccan Dream

The Moroccan Dream
Discover the essence of luxury with K&I's "Moroccan Dream," a collection that marries the mystical allure of Morocco with contemporary elegance. Each dress and bikini in this series reflects the rich heritage and vibrant landscapes of Morocco, crafted for those who seek sophistication and a touch of the exotic. Dive into "Moroccan Dream" and wrap yourself in the luxury of K&I, where every piece is a journey to the heart of Moroccan opulence.
Zebra Silk Maxi Dress
Capture the untamed spirit of Morocco with this zebra-print maxi dress from K&I's "Moroccan Dream" collection. The fluid drape of the fabric mirrors the serene flow of the Sahara's winds, while the bold print echoes the wild essence of the Atlas Mountains. This dress, with its delicate straps and graceful neckline, is a statement of uninhibited elegance.
Dress Kiara Pearls
Gracefully draped against a backdrop of timeless elegance, the Dress Kiara Pearls is a tribute to the effortless beauty of the Moroccan landscape. The flowing silhouette, with its delicate straps and mesmerizing zebra print, evokes the wild spirit of the desert. It's a piece that speaks of whispered adventures in the bustling souks and serene oases, perfect for the woman who carries the essence of travel in her soul and desires a wardrobe that's both luxurious and liberating.
Luxor Tube Dress

Adorned with golden embellishments that mimic the starlit sky, this piece is for the bold and the beautiful.  This gown doesn't just make an entrance; it owns the night.

Dress Bengal Tiger

The Silver Gold Mini Dress brings the sparkling essence of Morocco's coastal beauty into the night. With its intricate pattern of silver and black sequins, this dress is a map of Marrakech by moonlight—mysterious, inviting, and unforgettable. It's a celebration of the country's urban elegance, with a hint of the untamed desert wind in its sleek lines and daring cut.

Dress Balet Tibet

The Balet Tibet Mini Dress is an ode to the intricate artistry of Moroccan tile work. Its vibrant hues and complex patterns are a feast for the senses, a statement of cultural richness and contemporary chic. This piece is where tradition meets the height of fashion, designed for the discerning eye that seeks a blend of history and modernity in their attire.

Hailey Silver Gold Dress

Capturing the essence of Moroccan artistry, the Hailey Dress is a masterpiece of shimmering sequins that dance with every movement. Reminiscent of the intricate mosaics found in Marrakech, this dress is a symphony of style and substance, perfect for the woman who commands attention with subtlety and celebrates every moment with a sparkle.

Dress Lunar White

The Lunar Dress is a tribute to the understated elegance of the Moroccan sands. Embellished with a sea of sequins that reflect the midday sun, this dress is both a statement and a whisper, a delicate ensemble that speaks volumes in its simplicity. It's made for the K&I woman, who is both a dreamer and a doer, shining bright in the vastness of the desert.

Caftan Marrakesh Saffron

The Caftan Marrakesh Saffron Dress takes you on a journey through the golden hues of the desert. The bold print, inspired by the traditional Moroccan tiles, flows in a long, easy silhouette, with a daring slit to add just a hint of adventure. This dress is for the wanderer with a taste for luxury, a blend of culture and comfort that's as endless as the desert sky.

Bandeau Panther Set

As the Moroccan sky transitions to the golden hour, the Bandeau Two-Piece reflects the beauty of those fleeting moments. This glittering ensemble pairs a crop top with high-waisted shorts, creating a look that's both contemporary and timeless. It's for the bold, the beautiful, the one who lives for the sunset and dances until dawn.

Chemisier Paisley Black

Mystical as a midnight oasis, this Chemisier Paisley is a dream woven in the deep blues and silvers of the Moroccan night. Its fluid fabric and intricate patterns tell tales of moonlit walks and secret gardens, a perfect blend of allure and mystery that's quintessential to the K&I brand.

Bikini Spiral

With its vibrant mosaic of colors, channels the eclectic spirit of a Moroccan bazaar. This swimwear is a work of art, a bold statement of confidence and style. It's designed for the K&I woman who is as daring as she is elegant, a sun-chaser who makes every moment a luxurious adventure. With each ray of sunshine, this bikini sparkles, reflecting the multifaceted beauty of Morocco and the woman who wears it.

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