About K&I

  More than a decade ago K&I opened its first boutique in Bali on Seminyak road . Soon the brand became know for its endless choice of hand beaded sequin dresses. Its contemporary collection takes inspiration from modern time design mixed with vintage influences. The brand expanded  then its collection to a variety of endless designs with the leading motif of hand beaded details.

You can always find a wide  selection of bold dresses that can be worn from day to night to be sensual and elegant.

After a few years our passion for travelling and for textile from different and unique countries  gave birth to Kaleidoscope collection. Here you can find materials from India, Thailand, Peru, Indonesia,  Vietnam and so many more countries mixed with modern time patterns , creating a unique resort-wear collection that ranges from kaftan, Boho dresses and bikini to wear during your most amazing holidays .

K&I has since then opened many exclusive boutiques  on  the islands of Bali , Phuket and Samui and can be found in other luxury boutiques in Ibiza, St. Tropez and Juan Le pins, planning to expand more in the future.

Our garment are all hand-crafted by our amazing team of balinese  women.

Each and every piece of our collection is 100% hand beaded, featuring design with embellished sequins, beads, studs and stones all hand sewn by hundreds of balinese women working in the most remote villages of the island. In purchasing one of our pieces you are sustaining the local community in bali and a type of Slow Sustainable Artisan made fashion.

Each of our creation is carefully sewn in the local villages and sometimes takes up to 800 to  1000 hours of work complete a full dress. You are not just buying a dress you are buying a piece that will last forever in your wardrobe.